On Further Intensification of the Relations of Friendship and Comprehensive Cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and the Russian Federation


The President of the Republic of Cyprus and the President of the Russian Federation upon completion of top-level talks, that took place on the 19 November 2008 in Moscow,

mindful of the longstanding history of interstate relations and the underlying traditions of friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Russia and Cyprus,

guided by universally recognized principles and norms of international law and in accordance with the goals and principles of the Charter of the United Nations Organization (herein after referred to as the Organization or the UN) and effective international treaties to which both states are parties to, as well as the arrangements between the Russian Federation and the European Union,

striving to deepen constructive interaction between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus on the international arena,

confirming the determination of their states to achieve effective functioning of the collective security system at the global and regional levels envisaged by the UN Charter and actively and adequately contribute to strengthening the central role of the Organization in maintaining international peace and security, increasing its effectiveness in preventing and settling conflicts on the firm basis of the UN Charter and norms of international law,

stressing that international terrorism in all its manifestations, transnational organized crime, trafficking in human beings and illegal trafficking in arms and drugs as well as proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and means of its delivery pose the most serious threat to the international community, security and stability in the world,

aiming at building a united Europe without dividing lines and barriers, creating conditions for free and unhindered people-to-people contacts, effective protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, shaping common and indivisible security space which includes counteraction against new threats and challenges, expanding trade and economic cooperation, building up common scientific and educational potential and mutual cultural enrichment,

reaffirming that the Russian-Cypriot cooperation will continue to be based on mutual trust, respect of political independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-interference into internal affairs and equality,

aiming at bringing bilateral relations on a new qualitative level of comprehensive interaction in the interests of peace, security and cooperation in Europe,

declare as followsГ

I. Political Relations

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus, which are long bound by friendly relations, note with satisfaction the progressive development and broadening of political, economic, legal and social foundations of bilateral relations and the build-up of comprehensive cooperation.

Along with it, the Sides consider it important to fully utilize the existing possibilities to deepen bilateral relations. Thereupon the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus shall intensify their political contacts and cooperation at all levels, both on bilateral basis and within the United Nations Organization as well as in other international fora, which they are members of.

In an effort to further develop interaction between various divisions of foreign policy agencies on matters of mutual interest, the Sides will carry out cooperation in accordance with the provisions of the Protocol on consultations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus of June 6, 1994 and the Plan of Consultations between the said Ministries for the period of 2008-2009.

The Sides intend to proceed with active contacts within the framework of relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union and will continue to cooperate effectively in the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other multilateral fora in the interests of both countries.

The Republic of Cyprus welcomes the proposal of the President of the Russian Federation for the adoption of a new legally binding Treaty on European Security, which would hinge on the idea of equal guarantied security for all, with both of the Sides advocating constructive equitable cooperation with partners with a view to shape an open and single reliable security system in the Euro-Atlantic region.

The Sides welcome the progressive development of relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union and stand for strengthening a comprehensive European architecture in order to create a common European space based on the commitment to common values, mutual account of interests, obligations and principles of openness, trust, transparency, mutual respect and predictability. The Cypriot Side will contribute to further intensification of the dialogue between the Russian Federation and the European Union in the interests of all Sides, noting at the same time that both Russia and EU should proceed with reciprocal steps towards each other.

The Sides reaffirmed the necessity of reaching a comprehensive, just and viable settlement in Cyprus on the basis of relevant UN Security Council resolutions and High Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979. These provide for the transformation of the unitary State of the Republic of Cyprus into a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with a single sovereignty, citizenship and international personality, embodying political equality as determined in the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

The Russian Federation as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council will continue to support the achievement of a mutually agreed solution between the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot communities, without arbitration or artificial timetables, safeguarding at the same time the Cypriot ownership of the process.

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus state their willingness to consider favorably and on reciprocal basis candidatures of the Sides at the elections to various international organizations.

The Sides note with satisfaction the closeness or concurrence of their approaches to major international and regional problems. This opens up wide possibilities for closer cooperation of the two states on the international arena.

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus intend to bring to a qualitatively new level their cooperation both on the bilateral basis as well as within the framework of the UN and other multilateral mechanisms, aimed at countering new global threats and challenges, in particular international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and means of their delivery, transnational organized crime, arms and drugs trafficking, legalization of criminal proceeds, trafficking in human beings and illegal migration.

II. Economic Relations

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus express their satisfaction for the significant progress made so far in terms of improving the legal basis of the relations between the two countries, which will provide, on the basis of reciprocity and equal treatment, the most favorable environment for economic actors of both countries to enhance activities.

The Sides underscore the importance of expanding their financial cooperation and to this effect intend to work together to maintain and strengthen the active role that the Republic of Cyprus plays in attracting foreign investments to the Russian Federation.

The Sides express their satisfaction with the achieved level of trade and economic relations and note their positive impact on the whole complex of bilateral relations. At the same time the Sides state that the potential of trade and economic relations is far from being used to the full extent and there are wide prospects for its realization.

Taking into consideration today's level of bilateral trade turnover the Sides deem it expedient to take steps towards further build-up of bilateral trade on the basis of mutual benefit, including through the increase in supply of Cyprus goods and services to the Russian market as well as improvement of the structure of the Russian export to the Republic of Cyprus. The Sides will render all possible assistance to companies from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus in the Russian and Cypriot markets respectively.

The Sides attach special importance to the activities of the Russian - Cypriot Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation, which is the main coordinating body for the development of relations in the field of trade and economy. The Sides shall take necessary steps to effectively use the mechanisms of the Commission with a view to elaborate a long-term strategy of development of bilateral trade and economic ties which would take into account world economic trends.

The Sides point out the necessity to expand the practice of establishment of joint ventures and companies in various fields in accordance with the new economic realities and international standards of attraction of mutual investments, and more full use of the potential of cooperation in the tourist industry.

III. Other Cooperation - Local Authorities

The Sides point out that the development of direct ties between Local Authorities of both States is a major resource of bilateral relations including those in the field of trade and economics.

IV. Military - Technical Cooporation

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus intend to consider the set of questions related to bilateral military-technical cooperation on the basis of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus on military and technical cooperation of March 21, 1996. It also seems important to maintain regular contacts between the Ministries of Defense of the two States.

V. New Threats and Challenges

The Sides strongly condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations as unmistakably criminal phenomenon regardless of the motives covering it.

The Sides confirm their determination to make effective use of mechanisms of consultations and interaction under the Agreement on cooperation between the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus of November 16, 1999, in order to fight new challenges and threats in this field. The Sides also intend to consider the possibility of signing new agreements in this field.

VI. Cultural, Religious and Humanitarian Fields

The Sides confirm that the development of bilateral cooperation in the humanitarian field has a strong foundation with regard to historic, cultural and religious closeness of the peoples of the two States.

The Sides are interested in expanding and improving the treaty and legal framework of cultural and humanitarian cooperation, interaction in the field of science and joint research, healthcare and other spheres.

The Sides note that cooperation in the humanitarian field requires support of the governmental bodies and business circles of both States and intend to assist them in taking practical steps in this direction.

The Sides intend to prepare and sign in the near future the Programme on Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus in the field of science, education and culture for the period of 2009-2012, which would become a strong basis for cultural and scientific cooperation for the next four years.

The Sides will further assist organizing mutual visits of delegations of cultural and art workers, as well as of artistic groups as an important form of communication and mutual spiritual enrichment of the peoples of the two States.

The Sides shall actively assist the preservation of cultural identities of both peoples and make efforts to provide favorable conditions for the promotion of the Russian and Greek languages in the two countries.

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus state their determination to bring the existing relations of friendship and cooperation resting upon the strong foundation of mutual trust and respect to a new qualitative level for the benefit of their peoples. The Sides and convinced that their comprehensive interaction and consistent efforts in this direction would contribute to the strengthening of peace, stability and well-being in the European continent.

Signed in Moscow on November 19, 2008, in duplicate, each in the Russian, Greek and English languages.

Demetris Christofias
President of the Republic of Cyprus

Dmitry A. Medvedev
President of the Russian Federation