Russia Day

Address of Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Cyprus

H.E. Mr. Stanislav Osadchiy on the occasion of Russia Day


Dear friends and compatriots!

On June 12 we celebrate the remarkable event –Russia Day.

I cordially congratulate you on this state holiday. On this day we honour our Mortherland, a country with a thousand-year history and unique heritage. A country that has united plenty of nations, traditions and cultures over vast areas. Our Mortherland is a modern and strong power, which has made a significant contribution to the development of world science and technology, literature and art. Everyone, for whom our country is close and dear, celebrate this holiday of national unity together with Russia. We highly appreciate these feelings and wish all our compatriots good, prosperity and welfare. Together we are one united and powerful nation.

Each year of our centuries-old history is the fate of our native country, which means our common destiny. It is the contribution of millions of our ancestors, who taught us that such a country as Russia should only be the strong one. Therefore we have no right to forget our history with all its bright and dramatic pages, victories and adversity. Together we celebrated recently the 75th anniversary of our Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Although this important date coincided with difficult times of quarantine measures, it did not remain unnoticed here in Cyprus. I am grateful to everyone who took part in the corresponding festivities. The same applies also to today’s events, the majority of which are to be conducted in online format as well.

Dear friends,

The attitude towards our country is created to a great extent by you, our compatriots. Russian-Cypriot ties of friendship have the centuries-old history of fruitful cooperation in different spheres. You do a great job by strengthening these ties and preserving and handing down to young generations our traditional values, namely native language, spirituality and culture. Russian Cultural Centre together with Coordinating Council of Russian compatriots in Cyprus hold a lot of events dedicated to our significant historical dates. This joint work attracts well-deserved attention to our country and inspires respect and affection of Cypriots.

Wholeheartedly, I wish you, dear friends, happiness, strong health, well-being and the most important – prosperity to our common Mortherland Russia.